We all know that when the news of decentralized digital currency aka the Bitcoin hit the world, it disrupted the whole industry sectors. The bitcoin allows transferring funds across a huge network from anywhere in the world.

It is difficult to hack the bitcoin; hence the transactional information is stored securely across the numerous computers. The user can check all the data of its transactions ever made.

The blockchain technology is a safe way to store and transfer huge amounts of valuable information across the network. However, the potential of Bitcoin is endless and so there is a huge number of opportunities in blockchain-related jobs. This is one of the main reasons why students and technical experts are attracted towards the blockchain technology.

There are many universities who provide blockchain degree courses such as MIT, IBM, Cornell, Duke and more. In 2008, IBM introduced the blockchain course in India which had more than 20,000 registrations, which was more than what they had anticipated. This shows the value of attaining a blockchain degree. There has been an increase in interest of blockchain technology due to a rise in employment opportunities in this sector.

The blockchain technology can be easily executed in the government system to cease fraud and corruption. The blockchain is majorly ideal for billing industry, healthcare industry, data exchange, supply chains etc. the technology offers great improvements in the processes. Introducing blockchain technology in the process can lead to economic growth.

There are types of blockchain based companies who are hiring personals with insights into this technology, some of these include:

  1. Start-ups

Since the evolution of bitcoins, there have been hundreds of cryptocurrencies launched and numbers of companies have formed who use the blockchain services. Every new cryptocurrency or exchanges, blogs create new jobs.

There are independent businesses and brand created since the invention of bitcoin. Start-ups can be good job providers in this sector.to begin with, many of the jobs in start-ups were less paid although a certain rise in blockchain projects have seen start-ups pay well for the job.

  1. Technology Firms

These types of companies are the ones who are most likely to lose its value when the blockchain technology takes over. Some of them include Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and others. Their success depends on centralized services which they offer. If the blockchain technology is introduced, then the users won’t be willing to use the centralized network anymore. They will have to accommodate this new technology, many of these companies are investing heavy into blockchain development to benefit their business.

  1. Legacies

These are the type of companies of high authorities such as banks, Law offices, accountancy firms, and others. These companies have seen the rise of bitcoin currencies and now must act upon it to stay in the business or it can be shut down completely. These companies need to find out a different way to use the blockchain technology. They have the capability of hiring a whole team of blockchain professionals to help them with the tech.

  1. Governments

Many government offices are hiring blockchain experts to advise them into blockchain since it has huge cost-cutting potential. There are various countries who have opted the blockchain system to become a digital nation.

All these firms create new blockchain jobs every day. Techies and non-techies both have an equal chance in this vast growing field. The blockchain technology has been a threat to a lot of industries. The growth areas are in the media industry, logistics, legal compliances, DApp development companies, trading/sales companies and so on.


Talking about salaries in this field, it does vary from the type of company, country to country. On average, the salary of a blockchain developer is around $150,000 and $175,000 annually in some countries. There is no fixed salary known to us as of now, it all depends on the skill of the candidate and the requirement of the company.

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