The idea of the Blockchain technology was undeniably an intelligent invention by a person or maybe a group of people, known as Satoshi Nakamoto developed it around late 2008.

A Blockchain is basically a digital ledger for economic transactions which are designed to record not just the transactions but virtually everything that has a value on it. The technology is on the rise and many people are looking forward to attaining a blockchain degree to improve their career scope.

The major benefit of blockchain is that it carries no transaction cost, in a process of creating a block which passes information from one to another in a simple, automated and safe process.


Thus, the question arises, why is it important to have a blockchain degree with you?

The discovery of the blockchain technology has opened many opportunities for innovation, transaction networking and more. The idea of eliminating the transactional charges or say ‘the middle man’ in the transactions sounds about exactly what is needed. The person ‘A’ using his credit/debit card for the payments will be saving the card processing fees during the transaction to the person ‘B’.

The blockchain can not only store the money but also keep a record of whole transactions that happened in the past too. This is going to have a huge impact in the near future as this can replace the processes and businesses which rely on charging a fee for a particular transaction, thus reducing the risks of fraud and tampering.

The things you buy will be encoded in the blockchain itself making a kind of an archive. The major reasons why getting a blockchain degree has gained attention is the various advantages of it having on the current procedures. some of these advantages are:

  1. It is decentralized, meaning it is not owned by a single individual.
  2. It is immune, no one will be able to tamper the data present inside the blockchain
  3. The information stored inside the blockchain is saved cryptographically.
  4. The date inside the blockchain is transparent, this means one can track the data if they want.

The blockchain technology will surely make a few companies agitated. Some of them include Healthcare industries, finance industry, charity industries, security industries, real estate, various supply chains etc.

Hence many companies are looking forward to adapting the blockchain technology. If a person attaining a blockchain degree, there are many companies which are looking forward to hiring. There are other blockchain companies which look for individuals with some basic blockchain knowledge. Although for a company, it is economically efficient to train its employees rather than hiring a new person. Since there is a lack of talent in this field available, there is a wide scope.

Many universities offer blockchain degree courses for individuals who are seeking a career in this field.


So why should you choose to have a blockchain degree?

There is a huge demand for blockchain associated jobs, a career in this field has its perks.

Majorly, there is lots of money in this field, The ROI’s that the cryptocurrency had made is immense. Space here is new and requires more manpower, although there is a lack of people having such skill-set. Thus, having a blockchain degree gives you an upper hand here.

Secondly, the blockchain degree is comparatively cheaper than usual degree. There is age flexibility, people from any age group can apply for the blockchain certification. The degree is also available online can be completed at your own pace, time and place.

To conclude,

No matter what your views are about the blockchain technology, it is one of the unruliest technologies of the era. Having a blockchain degree will surely give a boost in your career.

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