The sport was made for television. The world’s first televised sporting event was the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Seventy-two hours of live Olympics coverage went to viewing booths called “Public Television Offices” in Berlin. The first broadcast showed Jesse Owens winning the 100m final. Since then television and sport have helped each other reach bigger and Read More →

  The fact that the internet has become a crime scene in this modern age world, cyberlaw has been in the most necessary to implement. Innovation is inevitable and running away from technology is neither the answer to avoid harm nor is it really going to protect us. With most of the young generation always Read More →

Arbitration and mediation are different methods of dispute settlement that can be broadly placed under the category of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) methods. These methods involve out-of-court settlements to avoid unnecessary litigation and receive quick settlement of disputes. Business is one of the most widely seen professions. Thus, it is quite natural that there would Read More →

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will be issuing guidelines within two months for the fintech companies to test their new products on a small group of users before scaling up. This regulatory sandbox will help fintech companies to launch innovative products at a lower cost and in less time and enable fintech companies to Read More →

  The Secret of “BLOCKCHAIN” Blockchain technology has revolutionized the future of the industrial era. There are no secrets of blockchain in general. There are just approaches, opinions, experiences, articulations of the author’s own shrouded plan. Obviously, encouraging to uncover a mystery dependably makes for a decent feature. As pretty much trustworthy outlets, for example, Read More →