nidhi company

Share capital and allotment:

(1) Every Nidhi shall issue equity shares of the nominal value of not less than ten rupees each:

Provided that this requirement shall not apply to a company referred toin sub-rules (a) and (b) of rule 2.

(2) No service charge shall be levied for issue of shares.

(3) Every Nidhi shall allot to each deposit holder at least a minimum of ten equity shares or shares equivalent to one hundred rupees:

Provided that a savings account holder and a recurring deposit account holder shall hold at least one equity share of rupees ten.


  1. A Nidhi shall not admit a body corporate or trust as a member.
  2. Except as otherwise permitted under these rules, every Nidhi shall ensure that its membership is not reduced to less than two hundred members at any time.
  3. A minor shall not be admitted as a member of Nidhi: Provided that deposits may be accepted in the name of a minor, if they are made by the natural or legal guardian who is a member of Nidhi.

Net owned funds:

Every Nidhi shall maintain Net Owned Funds (excluding the proceeds of any preference share capital) of not less than ten lakh rupees or such higher amount as the Central Government may specify from time to time.

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