Nidhi Company in India General restrictions Rule 6 provides general restrictions.   According to this Rule no Nidhi shall- Carry on the business of Chit Fund, Hire Purchase Finance, Leasing Finance, Insurance or Acquisition of Securities issued by anybody corporate;   Issue Preference Shares, Debentures or Any Other Debt Instrument by any name or in any form Read More →

Nidhi Company in India   What are the benefits of registering Nidhi Company in India? Advantages: There are several advantages of starting a Nidhi Company in India. We will have a look into some of these: ·         Limited RBI regulatory compliance Nidhi Companies need to incorporate themselves as Public Limited Companies with the MCA. And Read More →

Nidhi Company in India IPORTANT POINT: Dividend: A Nidhi shall not declare dividend exceeding 25%or Such higher amount as may be specifically approved by the Regional Director for reasons to be recorded in writing and further subject to the following conditions- An equal amount is transferred to General Reserve; There has been no default in Read More →

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Provisions of Loan in Nidhi Company: (1) A Nidhi shall provide loans only to its members. (2) The loans given by a Nidhi company to a member shall be subject to the following limits, namely:- (a) two lakh rupees, where the total amount of deposits of such Nidhi from its members is less than two Read More →


Deposits in Nidhi Company (1) The fixed deposits shall be accepted for a minimum period of six months and a maximum period of sixty months. (2) Recurring deposits shall be accepted for a minimum period of twelvemonths and a maximum period of sixty months. (3) In case of recurring deposits relating to mortgage loans, the Read More →