nbfc Registration

nbfc Registration

NBFC prove to become a real game changer in Indian economy because it has shown considerably higher growth rate in a couple of years and it has a very rising future in Indian financial industry. Due to this many business and individuals are looking towards NBFC for their financial needs.

NBFC play an important role towards increasing the financial lending as per the government agenda. The unique value proposition is the big main reason for the success of NBFC and this proposition make NBFC differ than bank. NBFC has become a complete solution to meet the requirement of business and individuals which is left by the banking system. For NBFC Registration RBI has criteria which you have to fit in.

Because of rising growth of NBFC in the Indian economy, numerous businessman and investor turning towards NBFC Formation in India. Hence, for NBFC Registration you can take a help from trustworthy and expert NBFC consultant who is responsible to handle all the legal procedure for NBFC formation. NBFC is strictly controlled by RBI and as per the rules and regulation which are provided in the chapter of RBI act of 1934. NBFC creates its own crucial position in Indian financial market. All this has increased the number of NBFCs registered in upcoming years.

For every NBFC, starting the operation of its business, it is necessary to have a license from Reserve Bank of India. The procedure for NBFC registration begins with registered private or public limited company. But the objective of your registered company is totally financing.

For obtaining proper and secure NBFC licence the following are requirement include: –

– A company registered under Companies Act is given in 2013 or previous Companies Act, 1956

– You should have minimum net owned funds of INR 2 crore. For investor desirous of setting up an NBFC in India and mostly this amount to be present in company bank account at applying for NBFC Registration in India.

– You should have a clean CBIL records

– If total financial flow of your business more than 50% the total capital assets of the company then getting NBFC certificate is mandatory.
Also, making the application for NBFC Registration is obtain from the website www.rbi.in alone with information regarding the document needed. As compared to a previous year now the NBFC formation procedure is much easier

The goal of NBFC formation is neither easy nor more demanding. There are lots of NBFC consultancy firm in the market which help you for incorporation. The government also come one step ahead to encourage NBFC Registration at the present time




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