Method to reconcile the GSTR 2A and Tally without any modification;

We will discuss here, how we can reconcile 2A with Tally data and identified the difference on specific party.

kindly adopt below process flow:

  1. Download 2A
  2. Remove blank line and make in Format
  3. Reconcile the amount with shown in ITC details amount.
  4. Download Tally Data in same format as 2A downloaded.
  5. know we use PIVOT wizard on both sheet.
  6. press Alt +D
  7. select on sheet , give the name ,
  8. then select other sheet and give the name
  9. prepare GST wise report and Keep 2A and Tally data in Column
  10. Make difference on each separate data .
  11. on monthly basis you will find data month wise , year wise and
  12. Find the difference on specific GSTN.
  13. Take appropriate action to reduce the working

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