ACCOUNTING & TAXATION: Concept of Time of Supply under GST GST is payable on supply of goods or services. A supply consists of elements that can be separated in time, like purchase order / agreement, despatch (of goods), delivery (of goods) or provision or performance of service, entry in the records, payment, and entry of Read More →

ACCOUNTING & TAXATION Impact of reduction in TDS/TCS Rate As we all know that the government has recently decreased tax deduction at source (TDS) and tax collection at source (TCS) rates for interest, dividend, professionals, rent payments and other non-salaried payments by 25 per cent with effect from May 14, 2020 for the current financial Read More →

Covid-19 has complicated India’s economic slowdown throwing new challenges for both the government and citizens. Cash strapped government has increases taxes on petrol and liquor. People face uncertain job future. As India walks on the exit route from coronavirus lockdown, taxes have started soaring. With the second duty hike – two of the steepest hikes Read More →

ACCOUNTING & TAXATION: E-Commerce Operator as Per GST Provisions Starting From Definitions To Get Understanding of The Terms Electronic Commerce – Means Supply of Goods or Services or Both, Including digital products over digital or Electronic Network. Electronic Commerce Operator – Means Any Person Who owns, operates or Manages Digital or Electronic Facility Or Platform For Read More →