ACCOUNTING & TAXATION: Brief notes on Income from other sources Incomes which are charged to tax under the head ‘Income from other sources’ ‘Income from other sources’ is the residual head of income. Hence, any income which is not specifically taxed under any other head of income will be taxed under this head. Further, there Read More →

ACCOUNTING & TAXATION: Presumptive taxation- Section 44AD, 44ADA, 44AE Article discusses about Meaning of presumptive taxation scheme, Presumptive Taxation Scheme of Section 44AD,  Section 44ADA, Section 44AE, For whom the presumptive taxation scheme of is designed?, Businesses not covered under the presumptive taxation scheme, No need to maintain books of account as prescribed under section Read More →


ACCOUNTING & TAXATION Impact of COVID 19 on GST Indian government chose complete lockdown as an important measure to protect human life’s from the rapid spread of COVID 19 outbreak. Besides human life which is the most important, nationwide complete lockdown has had a worst impact on the economic activities resulted into huge revenue loss Read More →