What are the Different Types of Taxes Taxes may be categorized into different as their nature as direct taxes, indirect taxes, progressive taxes, regressive taxes etc. Direct Tax A direct tax is the one, which is paid by the person or entity on whom it is legally imposed. It is collected from the persons or Read More →

Income tax Notice

The Major Objectives & Importance of Tax What are the objectives of Tax The idea of tax was started with a perspective to generate government revenue in its absolute beginning stage. In course of time it has been used for different purposes. To raise government revenue for development and welfare programs in the nation. To Read More →

individual Income tax

  Taxation of Individuals in India Individuals are subject to income tax. Income tax is a direct tax levied on the income earned by individuals, corporations or on other forms of business entities. The Indian constitution has empowered only the Central Government to levy and collect income tax. The Income Tax department set up by Read More →