Benefits of MSME cum GeM Registered Business in India:

MSME cum GeM Registered Business in India play an important role in building Self Reliant India.

Based on recommendation of the Group of Secretaries, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India decided to set up dedicated e-marketplace for different goods and services businesses in India.

The platform provides the opportunity to sellers to set competitive market prices as well awareness of demand of products and services in which they operate their businesses.

The GeM portal introduced the Udyog Aadhar self-facilitated registration to promote MSMEs Sector in India and help MSMEs to get better business opportunities in just few clicks with minimal marketing and advertisement expenses.

GeM portal provide paperless and contactless business opportunity to Indian Sellers under ease of doing business in India in admits COVID-19.

GeM offers the opportunity to Indian MSMEs Registered Sellers to avail the various benefits of GeM Registration.

Benefits to GeM Registered Businesses:

  1. Contactless, paperless and cashless registration.
  2. Direct access to over 43000 buyers’ organizations.
  3. No middlemen i.e. sell directly to the Indian government.
  4. Timely payments
  5. Timely delivery acceptance.
  6. No more searching of tender notices in magazines and newspapers
  7. Minimal marketing efforts and expenses
  8. Dynamic pricing allows MSEs to change price based on market conditions
  9. Freedom from product registration
  10. Gem portal API integration with Udyog Aadhar through which sellers can validate their MSMEs status through Udyog Aadhar without the need to upload or submit any proof to any authority in GeM.

On 13.05.2020, the Finance Minister in Press Release shared our PM Visions of Self-reliant India. E-marketplace (GeM Platform) provide e-market linkage for MSMEs to be promoted to act as replacement for trade fairs and exhibitions. Necessary amendments of General Financial Rules disallowed Global Tenders in government procurement tenders up to INR 200 crores which provide opportunities to MSMEs. Through GeM Portal business get benefits for e-bidding in various tenders and e-linkage between buyers and sellers in India.


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